Solar towers, physics and ... economy?

A solar tower is ... well, see you an image of wikipedia:
We would have a rise of air that can produce electricity in a turbine. The rise of air is caused by a tower that would absorb heat what heat the air; therefore it lower its density, ascending and 'sucking' air from the land surface, which would also be preheated by greenhouse effect under a protected area thus increasing the power.The thing is that the more radiation it absorbs the tower, more power, more air absorbed, higher power production, ... And the more area of ​​gathering, greater amount of air, and more power ... And the higher the tower, the longer warms, and greater differential density and more power ...Let the one side that the thermodynamic performance of the plant is small enough to get relatively small differences in temperature and environment: The Company has also badly organized inefficiency at its base. And we continue. If we have the surface as the body social, the wind that moves the turbines as the work, and the tower as the privileged group [the social body 'high'] that collects the wind and that's what holds it the performance, then, we see clearly the more social difference (more tower height), the more social base (largest area of ​​collection tubes), and the darkest conditions (greater collection of radiation), energy efficiency (use of the work) will be higher ... and will result in who can take.I think the said above can already give enough to think about, not only in physics,but also in economy or sociology but...On the other hand, the engine, the air will impel, the larger the size of the tower and the central, stronger upward. And there 'disappears' to return to freedom. And this is because the system is open. But what would happen in a closed system somehow? It can be closed in many ways. For instance, closing the entry and exit of air. So, simply, the system does not work, we could not extract energy it that way. And if the plant is enclosed, confined in a space slightly larger than the core itself? Then it begin to work but the same air, recycled, will be coming out hot and thermodynamic performance will tend to zero with time ...It is those who think the sites are reading, for example, if the system is taking social resources in a way that the 'central' already has a size comparable to the entire area where it is carved, or will be, if to increase efficiency, we raised more the height of the tower, with all the problems generated by the lift and keep it raised, equivalent problems have a small minority of people literally touching the sky, and increasing its height a kind of heavy unstable tower. To what extent are comparable thermal towers to our society?
-Translation of http://fqribadeo.blogspot.com.es/2013/11/torres-solares-fisica-e-economia.html 

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