Who covers much, little press... (I)

A delayed reading of a magazine made me ponder several analogies to physical relationships. This one is the first that went through the mind: who covers much, little press (literally, a proverb in Spain), in relationship to classical mechanics through to the gases' law.It is a simple step. Remember: what the saying means is that anyone who tries to do many activities (or time), do not deepens in any. I leave the brackets part of the time because I believe that I can get more without specify, and in addition, will be a factor to consider.Well, take the gases' law p · V = cte. What it tells us is that for the same amount of gas, without changing the condition of temperature, an increase in pressure is obtained from a decrease in volume.Moreover, the idea is to cover something related to the idea of ​​something that volume, and the idea of ​​press, related to force or pressure. Thus, it is not necessary or change the symbols to use in relation to human behavior ...
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